Friday, April 9, 2010

Tripp 3 already!

Ok, so I was just barely getting used to the fact that my baby girl Tycee just turned 9yrs old last month Now my little guy is 3! I cant even believe it, it really does just seem like yesterday I brought him home from the hospital all swaddled up in receiving blankets and smelling so fresh and good and has such a sweet new spirit! Now, I have this 3 yr old MONSTER!! Ok, he's really not a monster but at times I think he is! Tripp you have blessed my life in so many ways! I love you and Im so proud to be your mama!!

Tycee so excited about her new cell phone-spoiled!!

Wow, I cant believe my baby girl is 9yrs old. Tycee just want you to know how proud I am of you and how much you have blessed my life you are such a good person and you have so many great qualities! I love you so much!

P.F. Chang Rock N' Roll

Ok, so here's my latest race I did in Janurary in Phoenix. The course umm not so much it was flat as flat could be but the weather of Phoenix was awesome! I was invited by my friend Cody who lives in Phoenix to fly down and do the 1/2Marathon with him along with 3 of my other good running friends all of which I have done a few races and Relay's with last year. Jackie, Tony and I all flew down together on Friday morning and we stayed at Cody's house that night. On Saturday morning we went got breakfast that was a huge bagel and yogart with gronola in it and then we hit the runner's expo at the Phoenix Event Center in Downtown. What a fun time I had with all my friends and I wish Terry was able to go but someone had to babysit plus we couldn't afford another flight if we were going to be able to go to Mexico the month after this race! Sorry babe-next time! Anyways, I had a blast and hopefully if things go well this year then I can go back down in Janurary and do it again!


Ok, Ok, I know we are spoiled alot and we really enjoy our traveling and both Terry and I would and do work extra hard for these beach vacations that we usually take 2-3xs a year!
This year we took 4 of our good friends with us and we had such a blast and the weather was gorgous and so were the beaches!And, oh yeah the sea life there was beautiful because as you already know we are big time scuba divers. All of our friends except one girl is certified to dive so we had many days of diving and playing on the beaches in Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel. This trip however since we were always either at the beach or diving or at the clubs I didnt have my camera as much as I would have liked to but here are a few pics of our latest and greatest Mexico Trip!! Cant wait for next time Mexico I will miss you and you will me too!!

So much to say, so much to say!

Wow, Ok really this time it really has been forever since my last post clear back in October-sad. Anyways, so far things have been good this year we have had alot going on and dont expect things to slow down anytime soon. Where to even begin..?

First-Im still working PT at Buckle 2nd-Terry is still working non stop at Burton so between the both of us we are go go go and somewhere in between we make time for the kids!

Not much of anything has been going on with us just the same ol' same ol'.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So, Terry and I got invited over the summer to go to Hawaii in Mid October with some of our really good and close friends, but unfortunately we weren't sure if we were going to be able to go or not..? because of our money situation right now, but just so turned out that we were able to use our Delta Skymiles and so that means we were going to redeem them and use the miles for the flight to Kona. Yay!!
Terry and I have never been to Hawaii and didnt know what to expect? We had such a good time and really got to rekindle our marriage and just have so much fun spending time with each other it was great. We enjoyed everyday in the hot hot 85 degree humid weather and it was so nice to do nothing but relax and play!! Although, Hawaii is beautiful its not somewhere where we'd go back to we'd much rather be in the Carribean or better yet the Mexican Waters but non the less it was a great time!


T in these really cool tree's

Jackie, Angie and I on a hiking day

T not happy about something,,?

Poor T sunburn

all of us

girls having fun

us on beach

t and I on a snorkeling trip


luau Night

Luau night

Luau night

SeXy T and I at the Luau

Me with this big ass surfboard that I surfed on

I am not sure why some of the pics are teeny tiny sorry just enlarge them on your screen!


At the end of September we took a short 5day trip to Lake Powell with some of our really good friends. We have not been to Powell in about 2yrs so it was good to get there atleast once this year and hopefully next year we will have a boat again and be able to go more often.


Tripp loving the sun

Girls having so much fun splashing around

just chillin in the sunshine

me and the kids about to walk up sandhill
Tripp passed out -it was hot as hell that afternoon

Terry asleep under those glasses

Tycee getting ready to "surf" with Terry

Tycee "surfing" good job Ty!!